The Solution: With a one-time gift of $35, you can give one year of education.

What $35 Provides

$35 sponsors 1 student to go through a Literacy Class for 1 year.

Students meet 10 hours a week to learn:
Reading & Writing
Math & Business Skills
Health & the Value of the Girl Child

Why we chose these literacy classes:
They train indigenous volunteer teachers.
They teach in over 20 regional languages.
They get results: 30 years of experience, and 80% of students graduate at a fifth-grade level of reading, writing and math after 1 year.

Give her the power to create her own future.

Reading and writing give her a new chance at life. Daily wage doubles. Simple math skills protect her at the market.

She learns how to safeguard her family from disease. She’s more likely to send her children to school, no longer depending on her child’s income.

The pressure of poverty used to lead her family to make dangerous decisions. Her new entrepreneurial skills free her from that pressure and allow her to invest in her family.

Give hope to generations of India’s daughters.

Give them a safer world: Mothers & fathers learn to stand up to the dangerous, age-old dowry traditions that result in 7,000 bride burnings and over 500,000 deaths of baby girls each year.

They learn to resist child marriage, child labor and child slavery.

By educating the 300 million Indians that are illiterate today we can create a world of opportunity for India’s sons & daughters.

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