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Who is Sister India?

Sister India is a community where you and I join together to bring hope and a new future to the women and girls of India. We actively work to get the word out about the oppression faced by females in India. We also fund a completely unique and powerful program that empowers the people of India to help the women and girls of their own country. For a minimal investment, you can change the life of a woman, her daughters, and her family for generations.

Who started Sister India?

Sister India began in 2013 as one family's dream to help women in India. They had worked on behalf of the people of India for years, and as successful business people they sought out the most responsible, compassionate and cost-effective programs to maximize the difference we make in the lives of women and girls. They soon teamed up with a group of artists, bloggers and tech wizards to get the word out. Since then, our community has quickly grown to include hundreds of active members!

Sister India is now headed by an active, independent board of directors. Others have also come alongside us to spread the word about what’s happening to females in India, and to support and facilitate local solutions to the problem. If you want to make your contribution count, and make a wonderful change in India, you’ve come to the right place! We hope you'll join us.

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