be the change

for her today

She’s among the most oppressed in our world today because of human trafficking, child marriage and violence. (Thomson Reuters Foundation 2018)

Break the cycle of oppression! Raise your voice and your support for one student, or for a village. Be the change for her today.

Think of a girl you know

what do you want for her?

For many girls in India, safety and opportunity don't exist. Home by home, and village by village, we're bringing transformation.

Give her freedom

Join us to be the change for her today.

Villages are equipped to

Protect their children

Against trafficking

Each year, Sister India students learn to

  • End their reliance on child labor
  • Stop advocating child marriage, and
  • Begin to educate their daughters (and sons)

Families are lifted above the poverty level

An entire class in a new village can be educated for $1,000 a year.

Each Student can be educated for less than $35.

Matching funds double new and increased gifts through end of year.

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