Raise Your Voice for Her

Create Your Own Sister India Page

Send dozens of students to our classes and change their lives forever. Follow the easy steps and set up your own page in just a few minutes.

How to Start a Page

Here are the simple steps to begin rallying your family and friends to help you reach your goal to sponsor students in India!

  • Set your goal and customize.

    How many students will you sponsor? Every $25 you raise sponsors 1 student’s education.

  • Share Your Page.

    Easily share your goal with friends and family through facebook or email.

  • Celebrate the Results.

    Watch your thermometer fill up and see how many students you’re reaching in real time!

Get Creative!

Create a page for your birthday, give away art, honor someone you love... There are many ways to raise support, here are some inspiring examples!

  • Charlotte celebrated her birthday by having friends and family donate to her page instead of giving her gifts.                                                               

    Funds raised: $2,400
    Students sponsored: 80

  • JD illustrated and sent a custom watercolor to everyone who donated to his page.                                                               

    Funds raised: $1,320
    Students sponsored: 44

  • John and Betty's family and friends created a page to raise support in their honor.                                                               

    Funds raised: $1,350
    Students sponsored: 45

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