Education changes her world

Meet Rani, a young mother whose community is transformed through a gift of holistic education.

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Why India?

The crisis facing Indian women and girls is one of the greatest human rights problems in our world today. You can break the cycle of oppression by giving them a year of life-changing education.

Less than $25 sponsors a new student; $750 funds a whole class. 100% of your donation will go to provide education to the women and girls of India.

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What they learn

Over 80% of students learn to read and write at a 5th grade level.

What it changes

Educated women are more likely to educate their daughters instead of marrying them young. Students can read to their children and help them do their homework.

What they learn

Math and micro-business skills are learned.

What it changes

Incomes increase by 55% on average, lifting families out of poverty and giving them the resources to resist trafficking and child labor.

What they learn

How to 'Honor the Girl Child', educate girls and prevent child marriages.

What it changes

Female infanticide is prevented; girls live and flourish. Daughters are sent to school, instead of into child marriage or child labor.

It's go time!

Together, we are bringing education to 24,000 women and girls like Rani this year, uplifting their children, entire families and communities. We won't stop until every woman and girl in India has been given the gift of education. Until oppression, child marriage and slavery no longer exist in India.

Over 150,000 students are on the list, waiting for opportunity and new life! Here are some ways you can help reduce that waiting list, and give waiting students a seat in a class.
Please join us!

Sponsor Students

Each student receives a holistic education for less than $25 for the entire year. Whole classes of 30 students are sponsored for less than $750 for an entire year.

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Speak out for women and girls in India! With our simple online tools, you can create a page to share with family, friends and coworkers.

Host an Event

Invite your friends to view Rani's class and village in 360 Virtual Reality. Sign up to host an event, we'll bring the celebration to you!

Success story

Jaya used her micro-business training to start her own business, producing income for her family.

Imagine what 150,000 more students could do for women and children in India. Please join us!

Our goal this year is to raise $54,000, which will allow for over 2,000 students to join a class (over 4,500K with the match).

Every gift is doubled, student-for-student, until we reach $54,000. Thanks to another match from other Sister India supporters, new and increased gifts this year are tripled!

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